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What is WeWake?

WeWake is a free, private social network for people who support the Great Awakening. We consider ourselves patriots and we support QAnon, President Trump, the US Constitution, and the concept of free thought. We reject the false idea forced upon societies worldwide that the only “truth” is that presented by state-run and elite-owned media and education facilities. We’re an open-minded bunch.


What’s the Great Awakening?

It’s the process wherein the world’s people are becoming aware of many important truths at a rapid pace. These truths range from the spiritual – how to find lasting happiness in a world often filled with corruption – to the physical – how to eat right and maintain good health – to the political – what scandals have been kept from public view – but in all cases, learning them leads to greater individual joy and shared prosperity.


Praise for WeWake



@RainbowFairy12 chose the name “WeWake” and the “life” domain ending, made the logos, found our color palette, made our promo video, gathered many of our initial members, and did much, much more.

@JoyInLiberty did the Web development and took care of the setup.

Many other patriots have helped and continue to help, and we are grateful for all their contributions.

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