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Welcome to the social network! We’re glad you’re here. “We wake” up the world together!

“Wake up” the world? What does that mean?

The world’s people are starting to think for themselves more, rather than blindly trust the mainstream media or political leaders. Many are calling this a “Great Awakening.”

“Nothing is more powerful than the public being awake and collectively free-thinking / talking / etc.” – QAnon

Is Facebook or Twitter censoring your conversations? Is a free speech-friendly platform like Gab or Parler giving you little or no help connecting with other “awake” people?

Maybe you should join WeWake.

“Never retreat from the battlefield [Twitter, FB, etc.]. Use other platforms as a form of centralized command and control. Organize and connect [bridge through linking].” – QAnon

WeWake’s mission is to help people work together to inspire the world to live freely and find joy in liberty.

What Makes WeWake Special?

  • We protect you. We carefully review every member registration. We want you to feel like WeWake is your home.
  • We protect your right to free speech. Say whatever you want on WeWake. As long as it doesn’t call for violence, contain pornography, harass others or break any laws, we won’t censor it.
  • We’ll protect your privacy. We’ll never sell your personal information. You can hide your profile from our member directory.
  • We get things done. No “echo chamber” here. Here, people gather to discuss what’s important in their state or country – and actually make change happen.
  • We have FUN. Streaming movie nights, funny post reaction icons, special member badges! Laughter helps the mind breathe.

Membership Requirements

  • You’re a patriot: a person who loves, supports and defends your country and personal rights.
  • You’ll try to be an active, helpful member of our community.
  • You’ll behave respectfully toward other WeWake members, even when you disagree.
  • You won’t post content that violates any laws in your jurisdiction or the United States.
  • You won’t use WeWake to spy on, harass or harm others in any way.
  • You’re at least 18 years old.



Thanks for reading all that! (Unless you pressed “Skip the Intro” …) Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff!

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